Eleanor T.

Never, ever, ever, since we have been with Protected Assets, have I ever gone to bed worrying about money. You fully take care of our affairs. Thank you!

Jason C.

Jeff and his team deliver truly professional financial planning services and put their clients’ interest first. I’d happily recommend them to anyone wanting a holistic personalized service.

Tony R.

Jeff is an excellent financial advisor. He is very knowledgeable and always looking out for his clients’ best interests. His information is always presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Paul G.

I was referred to Jeff by a good friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier. He and his team were professional, intelligent, and resourceful.

Karen S.

I loved working with Jeff Jones and his staff. They were really willing to take the time to find the best retirement plan solution for my husband and me.

Louis D. - Douglas, GA

In a time of family legacy and tragedy, Mr. Jones and his staff have been there for our family. We appreciate your service in good times and certainly in the bad.

Bertha D. - South Carolina

Mr. Jones is very knowledgeable of true planning. He is unique and patient in teaching and educating on all elderly law changes. He has never guided me wrong or lost a single penny of my money.

Barbara E. - Florence, SC

I heard many good things about Protected Assets and Mr. Jones until I became a client I would have never imagined investing with no risk to my principal while receiving tremendous growth. Just as someone recommended me, I highly recommend Mr. Jones as a blessing to others.

Gerelene W. - Temple Hills, MD

My husband and I consider ourselves smart and savvy investors. Mr. Jones’s professional expertise is superior, he is informative, patient, and consistent in follow-up. We have made money in bad and in good times and have never placed our principal in jeopardy through his advice. Thank you, so much for all you have done.

Keith M - Heath Springs, SC

The most extensive planning I have ever experienced from A to Z. I highly recommend Protected Assets and Mr. Jones professional staff.

Regina H. - Greensboro, NC

I met Mr. Jones 5 years ago and have been a client for 4 years. I had been working with my current advisor for over 7 years and was reluctant to change. When I switched to Mr. Jones, I never lost a penny and I have experienced great growth. My only regret was that I didn’t switch earlier.

Andy G. - McDonough, GA

It was my lucky day when I first ran into Jeff Jones. Although I was a bit skeptical at the time, I nevertheless gave him the opportunity to sit down with me and discuss my financial future. I thought I had made some good decisions regarding my finances for the future after retirement. Man, did I find out I was all wrong. Jeff went into detail about every aspect of my finances and to my amazement I had it all wrong. After pondering his presentation for one day, I made up my mind to let Jeff steer my financial future. At this point in time, I must say that he is doing an excellent job and has since the beginning.
Thanks, Jeff Jones for a job well done. In closing, I can add that it doesn’t cost a thing to listen to what Jeff has to offer but it could cost you a bundle if you fail to listen or act on his suggestions.,