About Us

Jeffrey L. Jones is the Founder and President of Protected Assets, and has been helping clients protect and preserve their life savings for over two decades.

Jeffrey L. JonesHis simple philosophy – Plan, Protect, Preserve, Peace of Mind – continues to serve his clients well through the volatile years of market ups and downs, as well as the many other threats to their estates. A well known speaker and passionate listener, Jeffrey has built lasting relationships with all of his clients.

Jeffrey became a licensed insurance agent in 1992 and an independent agent in 2001. In 2006, he founded Protected Assets, where his focus is to the assets of this country's greatest generation.

As an independent agent, Jeffrey can provide his clients the best products available by utilizing many different companies, each of which is a leader in their respective field of business.

Jeff believes two basic rules: #1 "Always protect his client’s principle" and #2 "Don’t ever forget rule #1." A renowned speaker and passionate listener he has provided the retention of many clients. Jeffrey understands that his clients worked hard to build their nest egg, and it is his goal to prepare and inform his clients, guiding them toward the successful, rewarding retirement they deserve. He utilizes various strategies to design and implement personalized plans, reducing financial risks, lowering taxes, avoiding probate, and protecting his clients’ assets from expensive nursing home costs.

Jeffrey is a Clemson University graduate and received his Masters from Southern Methodist University. His hobbies include following his daughters’ athletic careers and raising funds for youth through his non-profit, the Uplift Scholarship Fund.